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      Welcome GEOM. A brand after our own heart

      Welcome GEOM. A brand after our own heart

      Dave plays a half set.  And he will let you know!!

      He plays social rounds with a half set, medals, county matches and any other event he can get in to.

      He loves the shotmaking it inspires and the creativity, but above all (he's getting on a bit now), he loves how light a half set is to carry, and how it simplifies the whole game


      When we stumbled across GEOM on instagram last year, we knew one day we had to try and get hold of a set.


      Well having got hold of a set the natural next step after seeing the quality of the product was to try and bring them to the UK.

      We are delighted to be able to now carry GEOM MOE half set and look forward to more and more people playing half.




      For more on GEOM over to owner Garret!


      The GEOM Story

      Golf is a game of stories. Good ones. Our story starts with a single love. This game is singular in focus and endless in possibility.

      Founded in 2018
      Geom was founded by Garret Krynski in 2018 on Vancouver Island. The goal from the beginning was to create putters that look, feel, and play different than anything else. Putters with geometric lines. New lines. We weren't out to create another Anser clone. We want to create putters that are completely "one off", so every player has a putter that no one else on the planet can get.

      Custom Hand Ground Putters
      Every Geom blank is designed so that the mass is behind the ball at impact. That means our custom putters have some of the lowest MOI on the market. But the tradeoff is an insane feel and true feedback that every skilled player needs. The "steel muscle pad" is shaped so that it divides the light like a prism, providing a subtle alignment aid that points to the center of the mass and fits your eye. We call it "Prismetric Sightline Technology". We also pioneered the Waffle Face Groove Technology which is baked into every Geom putter. We milled the grooves into the face of your putter at opposing 70º angles. They help get the ball rolling faster and truer. Plus they feel buttery. You'll now find a couple other putter makers are using that groove pattern.

      Local Series Putters
      While custom hand ground putters was our bread and butter, we wanted to be able to provide that same Geom style to an "off the shelf" putter with a little bit more of a "traditional" shape and a more reasonable price. The ethos of this series of clubs is like the ethos of muni golf. Reasonable price, accessible to all, and dripping with character.

      We developed our "Local Series" putters as homages to the greats of the game, naming them Jack, Gene, Sam, and Tom. These putters have marginally more MOI, but maintain that same commitment to feel and feedback that our players have come to expect.

      It rolled in like a thunderstorm and almost took us out. We had to take a break, recenter and learn some new skills. And that we did.

      2021 - Local Series Irons
      The feeling of accessibility, quality, and character was something we didn't lose over the year that was dominated by COVID. So with 2021 on the horizon, we decided to test our new design skills in the iron market. We've developed our first forged and CNC milled players cavity iron with the same principles in mind. Reasonable price, accessible to all, and dripping with character. Again we've decided to honour the greats of the game, naming our iron offerings after those who've blazed a trail before us in this game. Made it even possible for us to do what we do.

      Hopefully our story doesn't end here. Fairways and greens friends of golf,




      Lie + Loft

      Lie + Loft

      We scoured the globe for artwork we'd want, and we have to say we fell in love with the L+L prints.  Their team are a pleasure to deal with, so let's take a look into who they are and what makes them tick.

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