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      Brew Me: Cafetiere

      Can you make coffee in a cafetiere with less sediment? Yes, you can, find out how here! Brewing with a cafetiere is simple and where most of us start the speciality coffee journey and it’s not to be underestimated, giving a cup full of body and flavour.


      1.     Gather your gear
      You’ll need:
      - Coffee
      - Cafetiere
      - 60/75g of coffee ground for cafetiere depending on your taste
      - 1L of water
      - Kettle
      - Scales
      - Spoon or scoop
      - Timer
      - Milk etc

      2. Heat water
      Heat your water until it reaches between 91-96C. Flick off the kettle before it reaches the boil and let it settle to ensure the right temperature.

      3. Set scales and measure
      Stand the cafetiere on the scales and reset so they read zero. Measure out 75g of ground coffee straight into the cafetiere. If you are grinding at home then we recommend a medium grind.

      If your grounds are too coarse you will under extract your coffee, you will not extract enough flavour out of your ground coffee. If your grounds are too fine you will over extract, this is when you have extracted too much flavour from your coffee, it might become bitter.

      If you have a smaller cafetiere use the same ratio of coffee to water, so 15g of coffee to every 200ml of water - that’s the ratio we prefer here at Boost.

      4. Time to pour
      Start your timer and pour hot water from the kettle into the cafetiere. Do this quickly, cover all the coffee and fill the cafetiere.

      5. Wait
      Now you just have to wait. Leave the cafetiere with the plunger off for 4 minutes, you will see a thick coffee ‘crust’ forming.  At the end of this four minutes give the coffee a stir, this makes the coffee sink to the bottom of the cafetiere. Now if, you like you can remove the foam and any left over coffee from the top of the water.

      6. Don’t plunge

      It may sounds strange but we recommend, not using the plunger! Fit the lid to the cafetiere and allow the plunger to sit on the coffee. You can then pour through this. If you can wait longer (the coffee is too hot to drink anyway!) let the coffee sit for a few minutes more to allow more sediment to settle. This will make for a fresher, cleaner coffee!


      Happy brewing!


      brew guides kindly created by Boost Coffee Company